Glasgow and North America - a winning combination


Q: What are some of the particular advantages of holding an event in Glasgow?

A: Conferences held in Glasgow benefit from the ‘Team Glasgow’ approach. A close partnership framework exists in the city between Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, the city’s extensive venue portfolio, its academics, industry and representatives from government.

The client is always at the heart of the city’s approach to delivering large international congresses. The iconic warm hospitality and a can-do attitude enables Glasgow to get under the skin of the organiser’s ambitions to make sure the best conference possible is delivered. Team working is pivotal in making these visions come to fruition.

How does the city's offerings make it not just an entertaining destination, but help visiting groups with their business-oriented and organizational goals?

Glasgow has a number of specialized areas of key strategic focus including; life sciences, low carbon industries, engineering and manufacturing; credentials attractive to clients travelling from North America.

Synergy is a hugely important factor for Glasgow when bidding for conference business. The city looks beyond the financial benefits and room nights booked but also considers research opportunities, policy impact and legacy possibilities in years post-conference.

If the synergy of the city and the conference subject matter are in sync, it encourages a more impactful meeting where in-roads can be made to local experts specialising in the niche sector. When the destination offering extends beyond a vibrant social programme, there is a stronger platform for discussion, networking and, ultimately, a more successful conference.


Q: Do you have an example of a group that has held an event in the city?

A: The Congress of the Societe Internationale D’urologie (SIU) was held in Glasgow last year with record breaking delegate numbers (2,600) and worth £4.9m to the local economy.

What business-oriented benefits did the organization enjoy and how did these help it to reach its organizational goals more broadly?

As part of the five-day conference, GCMB worked with the Montreal based conference organiser to stage a You First event.

This revolutionary service, founded by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (GCMB) in 2012, was devised to deliver real benefits to conference organizers and their delegates through innovative new market solutions.

GCMB and SIU collaborated to stage an impactful health event in a high footfall city-centre shopping centre.

The SIU team – working with charity partner Prostate Scotland – held a public awareness event in a high footfall Glasgow shopping centre to raise awareness about the disease, which affects, locally one in two men in Scotland, whilst having considerable societal impacts world-wide.

In Glasgow the conference organizer always comes first, and extensive resources and expertise are focused on making a positive difference for them. The ethos of You First is to create a unique partnership with the organizer to understand their conference ambitions and make it happen in Glasgow.  Based on this understanding, the city can create a "first" for their conference - something simple or spectacular - but most importantly, it must meet the objectives of the organizer.

Aileen Crawford, Head of Conventions at Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, said: “In Glasgow, our focus is on delivering real results for conference organizers, through strategic partnerships and big ideas.

“Our innovative service - You First - provides organizers, like SIU, with a unique opportunity to realize their ambitions by creating a conference first. We bring together resources and expertise from across the city to make this happen and we're always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure success. Most importantly, we tailor the service to suit each conference partner, creating a first to achieve their particular goals.

“This strategy reinforces Glasgow's position as one of Europe's most progressive business tourism cities today.”